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Big Alma Spreckels - San Francisco Bar and Restaurant
Union Square San Francisco bar and restaurant
Big Alma - Bar and Restaurant in San Francisco Union Square
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The Big Alma Story

She was known as the “Great Grandmother of San Francisco” playing an integral role in the city’s rise. Alma de Bretteville Spreckels (1881-1968) rose from poverty to become one of San Francisco’s most powerful women. She is a testament to the city’s past, present and future where strength, perseverance and bold attitudes go far.

At Big Alma, we craft classic cocktails that pay homage to the past while expressing a taste of today. The flavors are bold and voluptuous and the attitude is hospitable like one would find in times past. We’re a pop-up concept available for the remainder of 2022 at the Hotel Villa Florence in San Francisco, California.

Culinary Director

Mikel Waters

General Manager

David Garza

Head Bartender

Karl Paredes


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